UFC Countdown-Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit


Video clip Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC Countdown-Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit”

  1. thejakeakar

    wow hardy is a beast too .,but the world loves carlos he is a warrior and
    he did went 2 there back yard and fuck home UP,.

  2. 19Bokeh84

    Haha at 7:41!

  3. rampage jackson

    you mock dan hardy yet they both threw the same punch, and if hardy landed
    condit would’ve gone down, vice versa, it was bad luck for hardy so STFU.

  4. Powermove Promotions

    It’s still in england,you idiot,the uk fans obviously were still there to
    support their countrymen

  5. drew b

    Thanks for making all Americans look like mindless assholes.

  6. Justino28


  7. drew b

    How would that be Condits fault? Not saying it won’t happen, it’s certainly
    in the realm of possibility. The ACL tear will certainly impact him though,
    and after one round on his back Condit will go balls to the wall trying to

  8. Tyler Maguire

    @whitewales20 lol see if i dont take dan hardy’s bitch ass down and see if
    he can’t get off his back.

  9. Sabih Iqbal

    Condit is really good. I want to see him fight GSP.

  10. rampage jackson

    Thats like saying anderson fucked chael up, did he? No he was getting his
    ass kicked before he slapped on the triangle. Not so much the case for
    Condit vs. Hardy but it was even throughout the bout, they both threw the
    same punch, whoever landed, the other would’ve gone down, leave it yeah?

  11. rampage jackson

    dont forget that hardy had never been knocked out either, its just annoying
    when people mock fighters

  12. D1D1P

    @RussianEmoChick he got knocked the fuck out

  13. Samepersom

    5:23 is funny watching after the resut

  14. citysambo


  15. madmike1

    That is why his fight with diaz was dissapointing, But it shows that condit
    has not listened to Greg Jackson rather then the other trainers and now it
    has won him a title, he is going to continue to listen to his gameplans.
    Its a common thing with the greg jackson camp, starting out as an exciting
    fighter but when it gets to the big fights, play safe, the only people that
    end up exciting are people who are too strong to not do damage.

  16. Kyle Hughley

    Carlos Condit will always be one of my favorite fighters 🙂 So many people
    were quick to criticize him after his fight with Nick Diaz, completely
    ignoring the fact that he has 27 finishes in 29 career wins out of 36
    career fights.

  17. AlwonDomz

    Hardy ate crow for days lol

  18. Tyler Maguire

    @21Derry well I don’t understand it, because you all you British faggots
    can’t even fucking speak english properly. Mcdonalds??? I’m lean and in
    good shape, i’d take you on any day of the week and beat the shit out of
    you. Go back to sucking your fathers hairy dick and think b4 you ever step
    to me again young blood.

  19. captinkillahoe19

    Dosent matter its still in da uk u fool

  20. domandcaro

    @KBoogs719 i was thinking the same. what hardy said he was gonna do is
    exactly what condit did to him

  21. Vergil xYo

    Ironic, everything he said he was gonna do 2 Carlos was done 2 him, I’m
    glad he got knocked out because he now knows not 2 underestimate the

  22. aznwankstar

    joe rogan- ” the marcus davis fight solidified his title contention
    position” – lol

  23. Devin Sullivan

    Hardy is a legend of the sport

  24. kevo1295

    hardy still had the balls to call carlos a prick and saying lightning
    doesn’t strike twice after getting knocked out

  25. drew b

    Have you ever heard of a strategy? If he just ran forward and traded
    punches he would have lost, as thats how Diaz has won alot of his fights.
    He out struck Diaz and fought smart, while Diaz was a childish moron who
    refused to adjust. Diaz is an idiot and Condits the champ. thats it