UFC 168 : Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2 [FULL FIGHT]


Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC 168 : Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2 [FULL FIGHT]”

  1. JoeGonePro

    that was a perfect leg check..

  2. tiki0036

    This shit getting taken down by ZUFFA in like 2 days. Those ass clowns.

  3. aznman2000

    That ring announcer is annoying as hell. 

  4. dolphinfootball27

    By Silva breaking his leg on Weidman’s leg is pretty much Weidman’s way is
    saying I told you so.

  5. Saphryn Townsend

    +Greg sees ummmm, just let my have my opinion. I’m entitled to it without

    I just don’t think blood sport is something to bring religion into. That is

  6. fusionaut23

    Weidman lucked out on that victory. He did legitimately block that inside
    leg kick but the breaking of Anderson’s leg couldn’t have been predicted.
    Chris did earn where he is today but isn’t and will never be a better
    fighter than Anderson and will loose his title long before Anderson is

  7. 2424chico

    whiteman just looky guys like marquez and pacman

  8. The Tyshawn Zone

    See this is the type of shit I’ve been saying. Martial arts shouldn’t be
    treated as a game or a sport because bad things can happen even in a
    controlled environment like here if you’re not careful. I’m no MMA fan at
    all because it’s really boring as far as entertainment goes including this
    fight but that’s not the point. My point is that how can this excused?
    This, Chris Weidman and most of the fans fellow seems to have little to no
    care in the world that this, Anderson Silva just broke his leg really
    badly. I mean I look at the comments on this video and people are actually
    saying, “Fuck, Silva! He’s too cocky, he should hang it up, Wiedman is a
    monster, he’s a beast, he’s a tough motherfucker!”. Most of you guys have
    no morals, no respect. This guy broken his leg through a amateur like freak
    accident, (Which is why I don’t believe MMA fighters are great standing up
    but more grounded for one on one situations.) and you guys are actually
    cheering that shit!?! What the fuck is wrong with you people!? THIS is why
    I don’t like MMA fans because of shit like this. All you people wanna do is
    see people get busted open, beaten to a bloody pulp, beaten unconscious,
    you love to see two men/women fighting like savages in the cage/ring on top
    of each other. Even though I can’t stand MMA/UFC or care about their
    fighters but I don’t wish death or extreme injury on them, but at the same
    time this is what they wanted to do so yeah. But yeah, Anderson Silva is
    still a human being no matter if he’s a sports fighter.

  9. Nathan Connolly

    i feel bad for weidman i think he is a better fighter then silva hes always
    going to get shit for the way he won but i think its well deserved you even
    seen dana didn come over congradulate him just said go over that side thats
    bad form

  10. dolphinfootball27

    Anderson is SCARED of Weidman.

  11. Saphryn Townsend

    Your kicking the living crap out of an opponent and you thank Jesus Christ
    for helping you achieve that? People be messed up. I’m not religious, but I
    somehow doubt that the son of god would support anything to do with
    violence (sport, or not), no matter however you excuse it…….just sayin.

    On a bright note, I hope Silva’s leg heals well. I can’t imagine how that
    must feel! Owwwwweeeeeeeeeee!

  12. doire7

    Whats your boys name? Fatt serra?

  13. MrDicekey

    This is a legit victory, but Weidman must’ve already realized that Silve’s
    leg had snapped when he was going around in the octagon looking happy. I
    don’t like him for that.

  14. IndisputableAttitude

    Black people are lactose intolerant, as their ancestors never raised dairy
    cows like Europeans. Lack of milk leads to lack of calcium, leading to
    hilarious leg-breaks during MMA fights.

  15. tmc359

    silva nuthuggers can keep saying luck, but theres no such thing as amazing
    coincidences twice. Weidman’s very unusual double right (that crazy
    backhand swipe remember?) is what set up that KO left hook. Now he
    executes a perfectly placed defense to the leg kick (which they knew Silva
    was going to go after, since his first fight that was the one success he
    had). Luck? It was planned, it was skill, and he beaten him twice.
    Period. Accept and move on. :)

  16. nigel106

    Silva has spindly legs. Always has. No surprise that this could happen.

  17. SmoothS

    Truly one of the WORST sports injuries I have ever seen in my life, I am
    shocked and relieved that Anderson is only going to be on the shelf for
    only up to six months, his fighting career is up to him, just as long as he
    can walk again.

  18. Ramiro Batarina

    im so sad to what to mr anderson silva. anderson silva is one of the
    greatest fighter in the UFC. i praise u mr anderson silva im a pilipino im
    so sad what to you.

  19. Esteban Daniel Diaz Leite

    Silva actually got lucky… he lost his first fight because he was playing
    around..now he lost hos second fight because he got injured… now weidman
    has the dificult task of defending the belt for years to come.. if not
    silva goes down as the bigger champion… so whos the biatch?… silva
    comes back and wins a couple of fights against a couple of nobodys and then
    retires… btw the injury was not that bad.. it was cloae to the ankle so
    he shpuld be fine in a year

  20. Ryan Verazon

    best of the best fight ever, between anderson hypocryte and weidman. .nice
    job weidman

  21. Bryan Infante

    goodbye silva

  22. beast of the east

    anderson silva started his career in the UFC and won against “CHRIS” leben
    in his first fight in the ufc and now likely will end his career with a
    loss against “CHRIS” weidman that seem strange and odd…does anyone notice
    that? sorry if you think it doesn’t make any sense haha…

  23. Wyatt Sandoval

    That was a nice stop by Herb Dean

  24. Esben Haulinch

    10:52 for the good stuff hehehehe

  25. Andrew Kreklow

    Weidman > Silva, twice