Carlos Condit versus Matt Brown!! UFC on Fox 9 Event Announced!


Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Carlos Condit versus Matt Brown!! UFC on Fox 9 Event Announced!”

  1. erchachanfles

    you cant discard anybody in the UFC . Matt Brown is gonna have to prove he belongs at the top were there is no easy fights. Condit has been in there with the best strikers and belongs there. Go Condit!!

  2. ZombieKiller1348

    I’ve noticed that for a while now ha.

  3. Paulie G

    I’m with you bro. I talked to the karate kid he was drunk and said that Brown is real tough… but I don’t think Condit will be drunk saying that… we will see but i’m with you as always bro.

  4. ZombieKiller1348

    Condit is gonna destroy Brown.

  5. Raymond5075


  6. juan twotree

    I think Condit will win via superior cardio. FUCK i cant wait for this fight.But . I’ll be rooting for brown this fight.

  7. mohammad haq

    i am a matt brown fan but he is out of his league here.. condit is quicker, more technical and over all a better fighter than matt.

  8. ShaggyRoy BONGER

    I got Matt Brown in this one!

  9. Paulie G

    Thanks for backing me up the Wise Man! Your a friend I could use! I got your back from now on as well. Ok brother?

  10. The Wise Man

    STFU u fucking douchebag! he clearly said what he thinks will happen u faggot.. hes not assuming like you are u idiot.. goes to show when people are actually educated and other ppl like urself are not Paulie G has a good opinion more realistic then yours what a fucking retard

  11. sycosteve72

    Hey Upshot same goes for u, it really irritates me when guys like your self make comments with false facts tell me the name of this guy u claim tko’d brown, the baddest on the planet, screaming! Carlos has 1 weak ness his mind once he’s rocked to the point ,as a fighter &vu need to guard your self to recover….his head goes out the window… & he always goes for the clinch…Matt will hurt him he will try and clinch to get his wind,ect, and caught with a vicious over hand… Left or right!

  12. sycosteve72

    Typo, if u think Matt Brown gonna get stomped, there in easy terms. You don’t follow enough, or your just on Carlos Condit ban wagon. Dont try and jump on the matt brown steam roller , because that’s what’s gonna happen, Matt will come out, be on Carlos like a fly on shit. Remember this commentRemember my prediction and put out a video… Sycosteve knows his shit! 1st round TKO!

  13. sycosteve72

    Dude your on crack! If u actually think Matt Brown is gonna obliterate him, Lmfao, get educated dude. Matt Brown comes in to hurts guys, I’m literally laughing at you. Delete your channel.

  14. Jr Fowler

    The Natural Born Killer Carlos Condit winner

  15. Paulie G

    Wow man! u must be a huge Condit fan? Brown fan?

  16. Roockk Uu

    looking forward to this fight more than any other this year

  17. gootsAr15

    Matt Brown via round 2 TKO. I like both these guys they’re really great fighters. Really it could go either way. I think Condit has faced some tougher guys, but I think he will get rocked in this fight.

  18. manuelalnis95

    This is going to be a war dang..Carlos got this by high knee

  19. Paulie G

    he might! u never know bro.

  20. Paulie G

    Hell yea!

  21. Paulie G

    he made a masterpiece of his face! but looked weak on take downs in that fight. But Martin’s a great fighter as well. Brown’s a competitor but this is a big step up for him. Let’s see how Matt Brown does. I’m with you tho bro!

  22. Ripshot de la Culebra

    No one believes me but in my mind I really believe that Carlos is the best fighter on the planet. If he can just stop takedowns no one can best him. I feel bad for Brown because he’s starting to surge and I believe Condit will not only beat him but will put him away by tko in round 3. He really did perform a masterpiece on Kampman in his last fight.

  23. blancagarcia20137

    Bad azz fight card…..

  24. dsrmams56

    Condit. TKO. 3rd round.

  25. KoreanPUA

    Shut the fuck up matt will kill Condit